Verkor | The Name Game: Piecing Together Verkor’s Identity


The Name Game: Piecing Together Verkor’s Identity


September 9, 2021



Verkor has struck a chord in Europe given the current context where local, economic, and environmental concerns are more intertwined than they have ever been. Let’s look at how this aspirational, revolutionary and flagship identity came to be.

In a global context of “decarbonization of mobility”, the electrification of transport and the massive and rapid switch to battery-powered vehicles is a necessity. This entails a disruption of the automotive value chain, with implications for millions of jobs in Europe. There also exists a risk of future strategic and economic reliance on China for battery supply, replacing today’s dependence on OPEC for oil.

The challenge for Europe is to not miss this revolution and to be able to quickly supply the electric vehicle market on its soil. At Verkor, we have set out on this mission to accelerate the production capacity of low-carbon batteries in southern Europe to meet growing demand for electric vehicles and stationary storage.

The Essence of Verkor’s Identity

Verkor’s founding team along with the support of Labbrand embarked on a quest to create a name that embodies our culture and values.

While formulating the overarching creative strategy for the development of brand naming, our intention was to create a lasting impression with a name that is disruptive, modern and transcends its primary function as a company name. We wished to build a narrative that is rooted in fact yet goes beyond the framework to tell a fresh story. The goal was to shape an identity that strikes a balance between scientific and human.

Once we had all the pieces for our naming puzzle in place, we held a series of workshops to align information about our mission, vision, and values in order to establish the creative brief and its main implications.

Olivier Dufour, Co-Founder & Head of Stakeholder Engagement, reflects on the process of building our brand identity:

“The naming process has been an excellent first exercise for internal cohesion, giving the opportunity to share values, priorities, vision, to highlight the richness of our diversity and cultural differences and to finally align and engage around a common direction with an impactful name that reflects who we are. Entirely done during the lockdown in spring 2020, using remote tools only, the challenge was overcome through a true collaborative work.

Launched in July 2020, Verkor settled strongly and quickly in the landscape, and the brand name, with its strength, impact and ease of memorization contributed greatly.”

Why Verkor?

  • Taking root in three European languages, the name is built from “vert” meaning green in French and “core” in English to evoke the cells and the energy concentration. The name is also reminiscent of “Der Verkher” meaning “circulation” in German.  
  • Derived from the Vercors, French massif of mountains, it refers directly to nature and the environment.  
  • Its sharp and impactful sounding echoes to the willingness to act “right here, right now” for a better future for mobility.


Another reason why we were drawn to the name Verkor is that several of our team members are from Grenoble and have a strong connection to the Vercors Massif. Our first industrial project, the Verkor Innovation Centre, will also offer a magnificent view of the mountain. Stay tuned for further information on the exact location.

What does our logo symbolize?

Logotype Verkor

The Verkor logotype comprises of a monogram followed by the brand’s name written in a distinctive font. The monogram represents the initials of the VERKOR syllables in capital letters.

The graphical rupture of the letter V emits a visible lightning bolt and a check sign, both of which evoke power and a new positive worldview. This movement ensures the logo’s originality and recognition.

The choice of colour aptly encapsulates our ‘faire corps’ spirit, which is to operate as a unit through the power of collective intelligence. It is also a representation of our vision to push the boundaries and be part of a more environmentally responsible mobility model.

It’s an impactful, efficient and timeless symbol.

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