A French champion in low-carbon batteries
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The French champion in low‑carbon batteries

Expertise built on 3 strategic pillars

chevrons-gris verkor1 Innovation

Industrial excellence 5.0

Optimised manufacturing processes using innovations in industrial excellence 5.0, offering the most competitive and environmentally virtuous low-carbon batteries on the market.

chevrons-gris verkor1 A team of experts

Top talent

Agility, sustainability and governance: Verkor’s attractive business model draws in the best talent. The company is led by a team of entrepreneurs and international experts with over 1200 years in accumulated experience.

chevrons-gris verkor1 Ecosystem

Leading partners

Verkor is launching a unifying project that has the support of a consortium of players from digital, recycling and clean-tech industries. Its goal is to localise the entire value chain in Europe, guaranteeing the optimal use of local skills and resources.

Strategy & Innovation

Industry 5.0

By placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, Verkor has aligned its model to the advent of Industry 5.0. — state-of-the-art, intelligence and high-performance industry built on the cutting edge of digital technology innovation.

BIMS technology®: Battery Intelligent Management System

BIMS technology applies to the battery sector the innovative technologies from other Industry 4.0 sectors, like the semi‑conductor sector.

Processes are digitised using a duo of software and hardware solutions, working on a set of sensors and actuators that are run by an algorithmic logic.

DROPS technology®: Direct Recycling of Production Scrap

DROPS technology automates recycling by reinserting scrap into the production circuit in real time. Digital intelligence is used to automatically determine the materials to be recycled.

The integration of automation systems allows scrap to be effectively accounted for, recycled and reintegrated with minimal human input.