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13 December 2022

Everything you need to know about high-power battery cells

Different types of battery cells  Read more about lithium-ion batteries: What do we mean by EV battery voltage, performance and power? The operating voltage (expressed in volts) of a battery is the pressure that pushes the lithium-ions out of the negative electrode to migrate to the positive electrode. Lithium-ion NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt)/graphite batteries have a nominal voltage range of between 3.5 and 3.7 volts. The total voltage of the entire battery system of an electric vehicle is from 400 to 800 volts. The performance of a battery is the initial branch covering the battery’s essential characteristics: Energy density: the energy…

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9 November 2022

Corporate film 2022

From the creation to the construction of the Verkor Innovation Centre, through the many strategic partnerships, fundraising and key moments, discover our history in our corporate film.

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2 November 2022

Verkor raises more than 250 million euros in additional financing for its Verkor Innovation Centre

Verkor receives the support of the European Investment Bank, securing the financing of its innovation centre in Grenoble, which is coming to completion. This latest mechanism mobilises Verkor’s solid financial ecosystem of industrial partners in the battery sector, commercial banks, investment funds, and public banks.     Located in Grenoble, the VIC is Verkor’s technological and innovation centre: a 15,000 m2 building comprising an R&D lab for designing high-performance batteries, an intelligent pilot line with a capacity of 150 MWh/year, and a training centre to meet the battery sector’s growing need for a specialised workforce. Construction is already well underway, with delivery…

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Batteries. Now. For the future.

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Batteries. Now. For the future.

Verkor was founded in 2020 with the sole ambition of fast-tracking low‑carbon battery production in France, to serve the European market. With a team of international experts in the battery sector, Verkor strives for manufacturing excellence by optimising proven technology.

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Benoit Lemaignan

“Verkor is a unique human and industrial endeavour at the heart of a current and future challenge: reshoring the value chains of tomorrow’s industry.”

Benoit Lemaignan, Co‑Founder & Chief Executive Officer


“I’m keen to put my expertise and industrial background in batteries to work for the energy transition in Europe, and especially in France.”

Christophe Mille, Co‑Founder & Chief Technology Officer


“Verkor is the confluence of everything that has kept me working in the industry and striving to innovate for the past 25 years: an entrepreneurial initiative and a major industrial priority to keep France competitive and drive the ecological transition.”

Sylvain Paineau, Co‑Founder and Chief Strategy & Partnerships Officer

Philippe Chain-Verkor

“For me, Verkor’s creation is the logical outcome of a commitment to decarbonising mobility.”

Philippe Chain, Co‑Founder & Chief Customer Officer


“I’ve been obsessed with stationary energy storage for more than 20 years and, for me, Verkor is my chance to have a real impact. This is a key issue for renewable energy and the energy transition.”

Gilles Moreau, Co‑Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


“Verkor is a terrific adventure: creating a French industrial champion that’s deeply committed to the 21st century’s societal challenges of digitalisation, sustainability and humanity.”

Olivier Dufour, Co‑Founder & Stakeholder Engagement

Our ambition. Now. For the future.

01. Strategy and Innovation

Building on the major innovations digital has brought about, to develop Industry 5.0, which can produce the low-carbon batteries of the future, combining performance with respect for the environment.


Our ambition. Now. For the future.

02. Innovation Centre

The company’s showcase is the Verkor Innovation Centre — a prominent centre of excellence dedicated to digital manufacturing and production. It will host the first pilot lines of Verkor cells and modules, as well as a training centre aimed at strengthening skills in the battery sector in France.


Our ambition. Now. For the future.

03. Gigafactory

Drawing on the technological innovations by the Verkor Innovation Centre, the first Gigafactory will help the company make the leap to an industrial-scale operation. Large-scale manufacturing will meet European demand for electric transport and stationary storage.





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What about tomorrow?

Promoting greener electric mobility

Designing and manufacturing greener batteries. Contributing to the roll-out of renewable energy. Our ambitious vision of electric mobility — one that is more respectful of the planet — is based on local manufacturing and an open innovation model.

This model was designed in response to major environmental challenges to build a low-carbon, circular and inclusive economy.



+ 800

years of combined battery experience


cars powered per year (for a 16 GWh plant)

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