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Building tomorrow’s mobility

Flexible cells to cover
a wide range of applications

The world is making a shift from internal combustion engines to electric batteries.

Verkor aims at pioneering the growth of this industry in Europe.

From passenger to commercial vehicles, stationary energy storage systems and off-highway mobility, Verkor is choosing flexibility to cover the needs of the market.

Clean cars through electric excellence

Passenger vehicles

Our batteries have a low internal resistance which means they offer high power.

We believe in leveraging our ever-evolving R&D processes into developing high performance batteries that exhibit high energy densities making them eminently durable.

Faster charge for the longer roads

Commercial vehicles

We offer cells that can efficiently power commercial vehicles whilst offering high durability and providing a fast charge.

The electrification of this segment of automobiles is imperative for the world and we are ambitious to drive this change. 

energy anywhere - energy everywhere

Battery energy stationary storage

Recurrently, excessive renewable energy is produced. It is essential to hence, store this energy to make optimal use of it.

We offer cells in partnership with integrators to create advanced energy storage systems that are resistant to extreme temperatures making them flexible for a spectrum of applications. Our cells can easily be used in energy storage systems for longer durations making them highly efficient.

High Flexibility - wider mobilty


We wish to empower off-highway mobility by providing robust and high performing batteries along with product flexibility and bargaining power.

We recognize the demands of this sector well and are committed to collaborating with our stakeholders with the goal of making a difference.