Verkor | Startec Energy to produce battery packs with Verkor cells


Startec Energy to produce battery packs with Verkor cells


July 5, 2022

Press release


Verkor and Startec Energy have signed a partnership agreement to industrialise high-performance batteries for electric mobility.

Startec Energy is joining Verkor as its newest industrial partner. Dedicated to industrial excellence, the two companies will combine forces to develop and commercialise high-performance battery packs for a diverse range of markets centred on electrification.

In addition to industrial aspects, their cooperation will support the transition of diverse sectors to electric vehicles, be it for light electric mobility (e-bikes, e-scooters, etc.), or other applications (retrofitting, last-mile EV, marine, agricultural, defence, etc.). Demand in these sectors is high, making electrification all the more valuable. The goal, therefore, is to provide battery packs that are sustainable, high-performance, low-carbon, and recyclable. They will be the product of a local partnership that is dedicated to tackling the issues of energy sovereignty, while minimising the carbon footprint of batteries by reindustrialising France’s regions.

The partnership will for both parties be an industrial one, with the ambition to commercialise, by 2030, up to 1 GWh of annual storage capacity for light electric vehicles and other products requiring energy storage, while capturing large market share. Verkor will provide the cylindrical and pouch cells with the roll-out of its first industrial facility, the Verkor Innovation Centre (VIC), in Grenoble, before being integrated into battery packs by the Startec Energy business Neogy at its new factory in Pompignac, near Bordeaux.

Verkor’s recognised expertise in manufacturing high-performance battery cells will be combined with the Startec Energy’s skills in designing and making customised battery packs and intelligent systems. With this long-term commercial partnership, Verkor is diversifying its market presence with new applications via a recognised integrator, while Startec Energy is pursuing the industrial deployment of its historical strategy of 100% French design, by securing its procurement and reducing the environmental impact of transporting cells.

“This new collaboration opens up even more possibilities for Verkor by providing access to wider markets, thanks to a specialised partner with a common ambition, namely to manufacture low-carbon batteries in France”, says Benoit Lemaignan, CEO and co-founder of Verkor.

“For nearly 25 years of working to support the energy transition, Startec Energy has prided itself in designing and manufacturing the technologies of the future in France. By partnering with Verkor, Startec Energy wants to go further by integrating into the batteries of its business Neogy French cells, for which procurement is local and secure, with a limited environmental impact as a result”, says Thomas Debuisser, CEO and founder of Startec Energy.

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