Verkor | Why join us?


Why join us?


September 2, 2022


Verkor team

Verkor was founded in July 2020 by six people from the energy, automotive and mobility industries, with one goal in mind: to create more environmentally sustainable mobility by manufacturing low-carbon batteries.

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Strength in our values 

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Working at Verkor means sharing its values: commitment, contribution, communication, and team spirit.

Verkor values

A motivating and stimulating work environment 

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Verkor is a creator of ideas, driven by one ambition: to build the mobility of tomorrow. 

We are working to achieve a major project: to contribute to the creation of a sovereign and competitive French and European industry, by manufacturing locally and sustainably to address today’s environmental and ethical challenges. 

The first step is the construction of the Verkor Innovation Centre in Grenoble – our head office, R&D laboratory and pilot line –, followed by the construction of the first of the most modern and efficient Gigafactories in the world to equip 300,000 electric cars a year, and create 1,200 direct jobs. 

Today we are laying the foundations of our growth and diversification of tomorrow. 

By working at Verkor you are also joining a team of experts and enthusiasts who are putting their heads together to achieve the key milestones of a fast-growing company. 


Verkor plays as a team 

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Verkor believes in the power of collective intelligence.  Its biggest strength is its human capital, and has multi-disciplinary, engaged and motivated talents. Today, more than 180 people have already joined the adventure, and our team will be 1,500 strong from 2025. 

The company believes in new talents, from young graduates to international experts— everyone has a key role to play at Verkor. Through senior+junior partnerships, experts share their knowledge with young graduates. 

Verkor believes in the power of diversity, 29 nationalities working together to successfully achieve our project. Working in a multicultural environment means sharing expertise and outlook. It means having a window to the world and greater efficiencies, and the ability to consider broader options. 

Working at Verkor also means sharing special moments together. We value cohesion among colleagues and organises regularly organise group activities to strengthen ties and build real team spirit. 

Verkor teambuilding

A job at Verkor also means… 

An innovate place to work, with a state-of-the-art research centre. 


The construction of the Verkor Innovation Centre is underway: the R&D laboratory is already in operation, and we are finalising the pilot line. Located on the Presqu’île of Grenoble, the VIC is a veritable platform for the Verkor adventure and is the company’s nerve centre. 

The Verkor Innovation Centre will also be home to the “Ecole de la batterie” — battery campus — a training centre for professions linked to the energy transition, with material co-developed by international experts. The challenge will be to support the industrial transition to electric vehicles. 


Working in Grenoble, the European Green Capital


Grenoble was chosen as embody the 2022 European Green Capital thanks to its action in favour of the ecological transition. 

As a powerful technological hub, innovation is second nature to Grenoble. The city is the cradle of innovation, scientific, industrial and social experiments. Grenoble is a state of mind! The city has risen to the challenge of permanent reinvention — often ahead of major cultural, social and industrial trends. 

Surrounded by four massifs — Vercors, Belledonne, Chartreuse, and Taillefer — living in Grenoble also means enjoying its outstanding mountains.






Verkor is a fast-expanding company. In just two years, over 180 people have joined the adventure to bet on the same outcome. 

Verkor is on the move and is recruiting a lot of talent. How about you? 

Do you want to be part of the adventure? It starts with a click… join our team 

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