A growing demand

Battery-cell manufacturing needed for the southern Europe market

The number of new electric models available on the market has since risen to 175 in 2020 compared to 50 in 2018, with all experts in agreement that the battery electric vehicle (BEV) market is set to explode over the new few years. This market explosion is mainly due to the followings factors :

Implementation of strict regulation on CO2/km emissions by the European Commission

Total cost of owning an electric car is about to become cheaper than the total cost of owning a petrol car, largely owed to more affordable batteries

Adoption of the types of vehicle will rise as users share their experience (as was the case on the SUV market)

Against this backdrop, projects to build battery-cell gigafactories are thriving in Europe. For the southern European market (France, Italy and Spain), a dynamic market assumption based specifically on the gradual ban of petrol-car sales, puts the electric market share at 60% by 2030, representing 170 GWh for this region alone. Yet, only one project using disruptive technology has emerged in the sub-region at this stage. Therefore, there is room for other capacity-generating projects.

France, the ideal geographic position to address this need

  • Robust battery-cell manufacturing ecosystem
  • Numerous initiatives are in progress
  • Relatively cheap and carbon-free electricity
  • Centrally located in Europe
  • Highly-qualified workforce

Our solution

An agile, skilled and experienced
team working in fast-follower

Verkor : For a clean, local, technological future in tune with societal aspirations

Verkor, a French industrial company, is set to amplify battery cell production in Europe, with the support of EIT InnoEnergy, Schneider Electric and the GROUPE IDEC. The new venture will accelerate the production capacity of low-carbon batteries in southern Europe to meet growing demand for electric vehicles and stationary storage. Production in Verkor’s first Gigafactory is scheduled to begin in 2023, with a capacity of 16 GWh of battery cells which will increase to 50 GWh in line with market dynamics. The facility will require an initial investment of €1.6bn and will create more than 2,000 direct jobs while supporting thousands more in its supply chain and ecosystem. The search for 200+ hectares of land is already underway.

LOCALISE DECARBONISE REHUMANISE Jobs Indepen- dence Mobility Energy Shared Gover- nance Shared Values Build a 16+ GWh Gigafactory By the end of 2023

VERKOR’s value proposition

Graph of Verkor's value Proposition

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Charline Baechele

Finance, Administration

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Philippe Chain


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Olivier Dufour

Stakeholder engagement

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Benoit Lemaignan


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Anna Teyssot

Chief Marketing Officer

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Sam Kim

Head officer of manufacturing engineering

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Kenichi Hoshino

Cell Principal Designer

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Jungho Kim

Cell Process Expert

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Christophe Mille


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Gilles Moreau


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Sylvain Paineau


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Christober Raj

Senior Cell Modeling Expert

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Drew Heilman

Cell Engineering

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Bruno Delobel

Battery Expert

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Jon Aston

Program Manager

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